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Coloured Stone Jewellery


Coloured stone jewellery is a classic choice that has been gaining popularity in recent years, with a massive resurgence in the old-style glamour of antique art deco and Victorian coloured jewellery.
Here at Strawberry Hill Jewellery, we stock an extensive variety of one-off coloured stone antique jewellery ranging from vintage engagement rings to beautiful colourful brooches, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more. We also stock a beautiful range of modern coloured stone jewellery with an extensive selection of stones available.
From classic sapphire to unique aquamarine and opal pieces, there’s something to suit all styles and budgets in our Westmeath-based jewellery store. With almost three decades of experience, we’re always on-hand to offer advice, recommendations, and help when trying to find the perfect jewellery piece for yourself or a special someone.

To browse our range of Modern & Antique Coloured Stone Jewellery, visit us in-store or schedule a video consultation.

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Coloured Stone Jewellery FAQ

  • How do I know if jewellery is genuine or dyed?

    Here at Strawberry Hill Jewellery, all of our stones are genuine. As a GIA qualified jeweller, we source our antique coloured stone jewellery from reputable suppliers across Europe and thoroughly inspect all pieces before putting them up for sale.

  • What is the best stone for an engagement ring?

    This all depends on your personal preferences. While diamonds are the most popular stone for most modern brides, classic stones such as Sapphires and Rubies are a unique and timeless option for brides looking for something a little different.

  • Do coloured gemstones retain their value?

    Yes. When you purchase a high-quality piece of jewellery with a coloured gemstone or gemstones, it will retain its value over time. Especially when this is an antique or vintage piece. Here at Strawberry Hill Jewellery, we only stock genuine gemstone jewellery to ensure this.