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Strawberry Hill Jewellery

Strawberry Hill Jewellery offers an Extensive Range

of Stunning Emerald Jewellery for All Styles, Tastes & Budgets

Emerald Jewellery


Emeralds are the world’s rarest precious stone, first mined thousands of years ago and said to represent protection, wisdom, and love. Despite being a more delicate stone than diamonds, rubies, and sapphires, emeralds are a massively popular stone due to their stunning deep green colour and timeless look.
Strawberry Hill Jewellery stocks a large selection of modern, vintage, and antique emerald jewellery to suit all styles and budgets, with options ranging from unique art-deco rings to stunning Victorian bangles. We have years of industry experience and are always happy to offer transparent and straightforward advice to our customers, ensuring that you can find the perfect emerald jewellery piece to suit your individual needs.

To browse our full selection of Emerald Jewellery Pieces, visit us or get in touch to organise a video consultation,

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Emerald Jewellery FAQ

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