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Ruby is a luxurious, deep red stone that has represented everything from nobility and purity to passion and wealth over the years. A durable and unique stone, rubies are the perfect addition to rings, earrings, bracelets, and more- on their own and paired with other gemstones.
Strawberry Hill Jewellery stocks a large selection of beautiful modern, vintage, and antique ruby jewellery in a range of styles to suit all tastes. From large stoned rings to dainty ruby earrings, our antique ruby jewellery is available for all budgets and style preferences. We also stock a selection of ruby engagement rings suitable for couples who want something a little more unique than a traditional diamond engagement ring.
With decades of industry experience, the Strawberry Hill Jewellery team is always on hand to offer help, advice, and transparent recommendations on all the ruby jewellery we sell.

To learn more about our full range of Ruby Jewellery pieces, get in touch or book a video consultation.

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Ruby Jewellery FAQ

  • What should I look for when buying ruby jewellery?

    When looking for high-quality ruby jewellery, look for a deep red, vibrant colour, expect some small imperfections, and look at the stone under different lighting (true rubies will change colour slightly under different lighting). Strawberry Hill Jewellery only stocks real rubies, sourcing all gems from reputable European suppliers.

  • Are rubies a popular engagement ring?

    Yes, rubies are gaining popularity as an engagement ring due to the stone’s association with love, passion, and prosperity.

  • Is ruby hard to care for?

    Ruby is a hard-wearing and durable stone that can remain looking great with minimal care and maintenance. Most ruby pieces can be maintained and cleaned with sudsy water and a microfiber cloth.